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Aretas Physical Therapy is striving for excellence, making PT personal.

By striving for arete, Greek for excellence, we aim to empower our patients to reach their full potential, enhance their quality of life and achieve true physical and mental well-being.


Compassionate Care
We work at your pace, using your strengths to encourage and push you towards your goals.
We use the latest technologies and equipment, giving you all the tools you need to grow stronger.
We help you achieve your full potential as you work towards your wellness goals.
We treat you like a member of our family, making you feel welcome and supported.
We work relentlessly to figure out the root cause, so we can work towards the solution together.
We take the time to listen and evaluate your needs, developing a treatment plan specifically for you.


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I’m not typically one to write reviews, but this is a message that NEEDS to be shared. I’m an endurance athlete, specializing in competitively racing Ironman-distance triathlons (140.6 mile race). My daily training routine takes hours and the level of intensity has my body very prone to struggling with aches, pains and injuries. Last season, (what felt like) the worst thing imaginable happened where I partially tore my ACL. Like most stubborn athletes, I pushed through the injury so much to the point that I was unable to stand or even walk without being in significant amounts of pain. I tried EVERYTHING. Orthopedic specialists, dry needling, chiropractor, cupping, primary care doctor, Theragun, other physical therapy providers, etc. You name it… I tried it ALL and my level of pain remained the same. I was certain that my triathlon career and any fitness goals/dreams would need to come to an end. Then I was referred to Kevin & team! Upon intake, it was clear that Kevin’s #1 goal is doing what is best for his patients and helping them reach their goals. At no point during my intake or follow up appointments has Kevin ever told me to: • Reduce my training schedule • Pick a new hobby • Accept this pain is what happens as you get older Kevin worked to understand my goals and put together a manageable care plan, which I was able to execute whether I’m at home or off on the road traveling for work. Since partnering with Kevin and the Aretas team, my knee has become completely pain free and I would argue that I’m stronger than ever as since I have qualified for multiple World Championship events. As new aches and pains inevitably pop up throughout my training, Aretas is the FIRST phone call I make. If you are dealing with any pain (chronic or new injury) and have tried everything else, PLEASE give Aretas a call!

Jen Tyron

Aretas provided me with the best recovery and development atmosphere I could have ever hoped for. Every person there was and continues to be invested in my progress. I happily spent hours on end not only playing ping pong or golfing on the simulator, but grinding out exercises that were directly applicable to my progression on the field. Injured or not, I can say with complete confidence I’ve become a better baseball player by going to Aretas. Being a professional athlete means the demands for performance and an efficient recovery are high. Aretas provided me with the baseline to excel upon my return to play. I can’t say enough about my experience. If there’s one thing I could share as the most important takeaway from my time there, it’s that the people make the place, and these are the best people you can find in the business. They will push you, but it will be so much fun. There’s nothing quite like it. I will always be grateful for the time I have spent there, and I look forward to returning as soon as I can. Join the family!  

Luke Fox


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