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Current class schedule:

Kettlebell Strength Classes: Foundation Training Classes:
Focus on the Big 6 movements: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Core and Movement. These classes will have detailed instruction with a focus on quality, progression, familiarity with the kettlebell, an understanding of the fundamental kettlebell strength movements, and most importantly, an enjoyable training session where you leave energized, not beaten up. These classes are a perfect fit for people of all fitness levels: from people beginning their strength journey to the most advanced, experienced lifter.   A unique combination of prehab and rehab, meaning it both prevents and helps treat pain and injuries. For those familiar with it, you know the benefits and we take it even deeper for a full class in healing ourselves from the grinds of our environment (phones, computers, desks, TVs, etc). For those unfamiliar with Foundation Training, FT is a movement program deigned to reset our posture, breathing, movement patterns and live a pain free life.
Wednesdays 6 pm, Saturdays 8 am Tuesdays 7 am, Thursdays 7 am, Saturdays 9 am

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